Delete Facebook Guide

Step-By-Step Deletion Guide

This guide will take you through a smooth and successful Facebook account deletion.

The Account Deletion Process

A two week ‘deactivation’ period is enforced once you initiate permanent account deletion.

Logging in to your account during this time will cancel the deletion request.

To prevent this happening by accident,

TIP! Change your password before deletion to minimise automatic login issues.

Do not be fooled into switching from a deletion request to a deactivation request. Facebook employs a few tricks to encourage this. Remember, deactivation is not deletion.

‘It typically takes about one month to delete an account, but some information may remain in backup copies and logs for up to 90 days.’ (Facebook Data Use Policy).

Delete Sensitive Data

Facebook will delete your data upon account deletion, but shared data may remain.

Groups & Pages

If something important is organised primarily through a Facebook group, be sure to arrange alternative means of staying up to date.

If you run a group or page, ensure that administrator rights are shared with another account, assuming you wish to keep it. If not, here is how to delete a Facebook page.

Social Consequences

It is important to remember that friends may still think you are on Facebook. They may attempt to invite you to events and send you messages.

Consider an account deletion epitaph to explain the situation, including alternative means of communication. This will avoid any confusion.

Ready To Delete Your Account?

TIP! A video demonstration is available.

Further Reactivation Traps

Facebook wants to keep you, your data is valuable.

You may be encouraged to cancel your deletion request or switch to a deactivated account. Ignore these messages.

Ignore any guilt trip stages of the deletion process. Things like your friends ‘missing you’ and notifications of activity you are missing.

Alternate Guides

Facebook employs talented engineers, deletion should not be this hard.

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